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A manager for firefox CSS aka userchrome files

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This is my first project in rust, so please excuse the terrible code quality and code logic.

A minimal and super fast theme manager for Firefox written in 100% rust.


Installs themes to your firefox, from a valid themefox url, or git url

    themefox-manager [FLAGS] [URL]

    -g, --git        Installs from git repo, must be specified in a full URL. For example:
                     https://githost.domain/foo/bar.git. Will remove all other files in the dir
    -h, --help       Prints help information
    -p, --path       Sets the path to install to, will automaticly trigger if no path is being found
        --reset      Resets firefox theme by deleting all chrome files
    -V, --version    Prints version information

    <URL>    Sets the URL to install from

Coming features:

- Very close support with the themefox website (yet to be released)

- A addon, to manage the themes, running on native messaging.

Already implemented features:

- Git support with the `--git` flag

- Downloading and installing (would work if the website would be up)
- Mac, GNU/Linux support and Windows support (Mac builds rather less, since i can't compile them on my main machine)

- A flag for resetting the firefox themes and make firefox look normal
- Automatically enables toolkit.legacyUserProfileCustomizations.stylesheets, in the settings.

This program runs on curl/git, so make sure you have that installed, if you want to use that. You can install git from here: https://git-scm.com/book/en/v2/Getting-Started-Installing-Git. Curl is installed on windows by default.


There are several ways to install themefox-manager, via the crates.io index, the binaries that you find here and if you are a linux user, maybe even in your package manager.

Note that installing from crates.io/package manager is the best way, since you get updates through that. There is currently no update support planned for binaries downloded from the web.


​ Install cargo, and then run cargo install themefox-manager, to install it from crates.io.

​ Then to install it, run the program once, with administrator/root priviliges, without any args.

Package manager

​ AUR version will be released, once the version is in 1.0

Binaries online

​ Download a binary, for your OS, and run it once without any arguments. Note that root/administator privileges are required for the install.


New features:

Please leave a pull request / open a issue , if you want to have new features added.

Compiling from Source (Not recommended, only to this if you have another architecture)

This branch is development, so it will be buggy.

  1. Install rust (best with rustup, see https://www.rust-lang.org/learn/get-started), and cargo (comes installed with rustup)
  2. Clone this project, and then go to the Themefox-manager dir of the project
  3. Build it with cargo build --release 4. switch back to the root of this project: cd .. 5. Go into addon/rust-app and also compile that 6. You will have to change all of the file locations in the files/ directory, and put them in the right places. 7. Enjoy!

Issues (Since there aren't any issues with this, there actually shouldn't be any need for this :))

If you experience any issues (i hope not), please leave a issue, on the issues tab, on the top of the page.


I am open to contributions. Please feel free to creaete a pull request and somewhat describe what you changed.


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