A library to garbage collect webassembly modules

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Uses old Rust 2015

0.1.11 Mar 8, 2021

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Note: you probably don't need to use this project. This project is no longer necessary to run by hand, nor do you need the tetsy-wasm-gc executable installed.

For a longer explanation, these two points mean that tetsy-wasm-gc is likely no longer a useful command to run for you:

  1. The Rust compiler now natively supports --gc-sections when linking wasm executables, which means wasm executables already have 90% of their garbage removed when coming out of the compiler.
  2. The wasm-pack (and wasm-bindgen) project will already run this by default for you, so there's no need to run it again.

Don't include this build! If you think you need to feel free to open an issue on wasm-pack or wasm-bindgen, as it may be a bug in one of those projects!

A small command to gc a wasm module and remove all unneeded exports, imports, functions, etc. This is effectively --gc-sections for arbitrary wasm executables. Not needed by Rust programs coming out of the Rust compiler, only provided here nowadays for learning purposes and to be used as a library if necessary.


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