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Tesseract interop helpers for Swift. Check tesseract-swift crate for full SDK.

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Tesseract Swift

Tesseract.swift provides Swift APIs for Tesseract, a dApp-Wallet bridge designed to make dApp/wallet communication on mobile devices simple and natural without compromising decentralization and security

If you are looking for Tesseract docs for another language/OS, please, consider one of the following:

Getting started

Tesseract provides two sets of APIs, one for a dApp that wants to connect to the wallets and one for the wallets that want to serve the dApps.

Here is how a typical Tesseract workflow looks like:

dApp Wallet
//initialize Tesseract with default config
let tesseract = Tesseract.default()

//indicate what blockchain are we gonna use
let substrateService = tesseract.service(SubstrateService.self)

//at this point Tesseract connects to the
//wallet and the wallet presents the user
//with its screen, asking if the user
//wants to share their public key to a dApp
let account = try await substrateService.getAccount(type: .sr25519)
//Inside the Wallet Tesseract serves requests
//from the dApps as long as the reference is kept alive
//save it somewhere in the Extension instance
let tesseract = Tesseract()
    .transport(IPCTransportIOS(self)) //add iOS IPC transport
//MySubstrateService instance methods
//will be called when a dApp asks for something


Because using Tesseract in Tesseract in a dApp and in a wallet is very different by nature (essentially communicating as a client and a service), the detailed documentation is split into two documents:


If you'd like to see examples of Tesseract integration, please, check:


Just in case, you'd like to use Tesseract on iOS via Rust APIs. It's also possible. Consider checking one of the following:


  • v0.1 - IPC transport for iOS - connect dApp/Wallet on the same device
  • v0.2 - demo dApp and Wallet
  • v0.3 - Susbtrate protocol support
  • v0.4 - dev-wallet.swift test implementation
  • v0.5 - first Swift libraries release version
  • v1.0 - support of everything mobile dApps need


Tesseract.swift can be used, distributed and modified under the Apache 2.0 license.