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Kleene Logic within Rust's type system

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Kleene logic within Rust's type system

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Values are True, False and Unknown. Operations are Not, BitAnd and BitOr from std::ops. There is also the Ternary enum which represents the values at runtime and the ToTernary trait that adds the to_ternary() methods to our value types.

For more information read the API documentation


Same and Not

 use ternary::{True, False, Unknown, Same};
 use std::ops::Not;
type NotTrue = <<True as Not>::Output as Same<False>>::Output;
type NotFalse = <<False as Not>::Output as Same<True>>::Output;
type NotUnknown = <<Unknown as Not>::Output as Same<Unknown>>::Output;

Transforming Values to Runtime, BitAnd and BitOr

assert_eq!(Ternary::T, <True as BitOr<<Unknown as 

To use it, add ternary = "0.1.0" to your dependencies.

No runtime deps


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