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Low level wrapper around Nvidia's TensorRT library

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0.3.0 Sep 26, 2020
0.2.1 Sep 13, 2020
0.2.0 Sep 12, 2020
0.1.1 Sep 10, 2020

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MIT license

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Contains (static library, 2.5MB) libnvinfer_plugin_static.a



⚠️ This crate currently only supports Linux ⚠️

C++ wrapper and Rust bindings to the TensorRT C++ library. Check here documentation on the C++ TensorRT library


CUDA 10.1

TensorRT 5.1.5

CMake > 3.10

TensorRT-sys' bindings depends on TensorRT 5.1.5 for the bindings to work correctly. While other versions of TensorRT may work with the bindings there are no guarantees as functions that are bound to may have been depricated, removed, or changed in future versions of TensorRT.

The prerequisites enumerated above are expected to be installed in their default location on Linux. See the nvidia documentation around TensorRT for further install information.

Note: The tarball installation method described in the TesnorRT documentation is likely to cause major headaches with getting everything to link correctly. It is highly recommended to use the package manager method if possible.

If there are issues with loading default TensoRT plugins it seems that there are some missing plugins that were not provided with the 5.1.5 binary installation at one point in time. To get these plugins follow the instructions for building and installing the TensorRT OSS components from here.

Windows support is not currently supported but should be coming soon!

Support Matrix for TensorRT Classes

Anything not listed below currently does not have any support.

Class Name Status
nvinfer1::ILogger Complete
nvinfer1::IBuilder Partial
nvinfer1::IExecutionContext Partial
nvinfer1::IRuntime Partial
nvinfer1::ICudaEngine Partial
nvinfer1::INetworkDefinition Partial
nvinfer1::IHostMemory Partial
nvinfer1::IDims (and all sub-dims) Complete
nvuffparser::IUffParser Partial


All of the C++ code that is used to communicate between Rust and TensorRT itself is contained in the trt-sys sub-folder This code exposes a C interface that can be consumed by Rust and translates between said interface and the API exposed by the TensorRT C++ library.

Bindings to the C++ wrapper library are generated using the bindgen command bindgen --size_t-is-usize trt-sys/tensorrt_api.h -o src/bindings.rs. All headers that make up the C api are included in the file tensorrt_api.h that bindgen then consumes to crate the Rust bindings. These bindings are saved in the src/ folder and imported by lib.rs to create the crate that is used by tensorrt-rs.