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Simple timewarrior to tempo/jira worklog uploader

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Simple timewarrior to tempo/jira worklog uploader.

Copyright © 2020 Samuel Walladge


This is a small tool I use for my work time logging workflow. My work tracks time using Tempo (a Jira plugin). I track time locally using timewarrior, using tags to mark logs for work that require logging to tempo. This tool filters and parses the timewarrior logs, converts them to tempo-compatible worklogs, uploads them, and marks them as uploaded in timewarrior by modifying the tags.


Install from crates: cargo install tempoit, or clone this repository and cargo run or cargo build. You should have a recent stable rust toolchain installed.

On first run, ~/.config/tempoit/tempoit.toml (or equivalent default path for your system) will be created.

Configure to suit - example below:

# your jira credentials
username = 'my_username'
password = 'my_password'
# base url of the jira instance
base_url = 'https://tasks.opencraft.com'
# be careful with backslashes; use single quoted string to avoid needing double backslashes in reex
ticket_regex = '^(?i:SE|BB|OC|MNG|BIZ|ADMIN)-\d+$'


Logging Work

In order to be able to upload your worklog, each timewarrior entry has to have:

  • Tags:

    • log
    • oc
  • Annotation

Therefore, the required format is:

timew start log oc <Jira ticket>
timew ann "Some annotation"

# or tags can be added later while timer running
timew start log oc
timew tag <Jira ticket>

Here's an example:

timew start log oc SE-3197

timew annotate "Setting up Tempoit to log work"

Uploading Worklog

Run tempoit to upload your time logs to tempo/jira worklog. For example:

❯ tempoit
:: Ready to upload worklogs:
   @2    2020-08-01 0h 8m   [SE-1] 'test description'
   @1    2020-08-01 0h 5m   [SE-2] 'work on something else'
:: Total time: 0h 13m
:: Confirm upload [y/N]

It will print the worklogs it will upload, asking for confirmation. On confirmation, it will upload the worklogs and mark them as logged locally in timewarrior.

In case your timew entries don't show up when you run tempoit, then you would have probably have forgotten to enter one of the neceessary tags that need to be used with timewarrior.

See source code for the tags used with timewarrior in src/timew.rs.

The source code can be changed if different tags are what you need or desire

Pull requests are accepted and encouraged, especially if you would like to make tags configurable via the config file


This is a standard cargo project, where you can use all the standard cargo run|build|test|... commands. The api is also documented; generate the html docs with cargo doc.

Future work may include making the timewarrior tags, etc. that it uses configurable, and supporting other time tracking tools (toggl, etc.). The code is also structured in a way that makes it possible to use the timewarrior parsing tools and jira/tempo client in other projects, by importing this crate as a library. For now, it works for me, so I probably won't do much more work on it apart from fixing bugs or keeping it up to date with my workflow. If you're interested in using this tool/library and have requests, feel free to open an issue and/or a pull request! :)


Copyright © 2020 Samuel Walladge

Dual licensed under either of

at your option.


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