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About the TEA Project


TEA Project is a decentralized cloud computing platform that hosts rich, decentralized applications that are completely serverless and run purely in miner's nodes. By offering highly-scalable and decentralized apps, TEA Project combines the best of both blockchain and cloud computing.

TEA Project's three roots of trust are blockchain, trusted hardware, and time. TEA’s state machine runs Proof of Time that orders transactions through GPS satellites. To make the GPS timestamps trustable, we need a trusted enclave to protect their integrity. The TPM chips not only provide this trusted enclave making the GPS timestamps trustable, but it also offers a secure enclave that can be leveraged for data privacy and trusted app execution as well.

In the TEA project, dApp code runs on a layer-2 WebAssembly runtime inside hardware protected (TPM) enclaves. These enclaves generate Proof of Trust data handled by blockchain consensus on layer-1. In TEA, blockchain doesn't use consensus to verify the result of dApps code, but the execution environment where the code runs.

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