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High level Rust wrapper around the Technical Analysis library.


This crate only exposes the functions I need myself from the original TA lib. Which has around 200 of them. Feel free to expose more and open a PR. Wrapping a missing indicator is usually a one line addition with the existing wrapper generation macros in the crate.

The following indicators are currently wrapped:

  • ADX – Average Directional (Movement) Index.
  • ATR – Average True Range.
  • BBANDS – Bollinger Bands.
  • -DI – Minus Directional Indicator.
  • +DI – Plus Directional Indicator.
  • EMA – Exponential Moving Average.
  • NATR – Normalized Average True Range.
  • OBV – On Balance Volume.
  • SMA – Simple Moving Average.
  • TRANGE – True Range.


I sugget using the ta crate instead, which is a rewrite in Rust of some parts of TA but with better ergonomics than this crate. But it also only implements parts of the original TA lib indicators.

I.e. if you need to use an indicator missing from ta this crate may get you there quickly, as a workaround.