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Defines syscallN methods for performing raw Linux syscalls

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0.0.2 Mar 2, 2021
0.0.1 Jul 2, 2020

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Defines syscallN methods for performing raw Linux syscalls.


Defines the small set of methods abstracting raw syscalls with different numbers of arguments, only available on target_os = "linux". That's it. But it works on stable and may be instructive for other syscall binary interfaces.


By pure magic. Jk, it defines fully assembled binary function with a proper C-abi and aliases them as callable functions with #[no_mangle], then defines a bunch of wrappers with Rust abi that should at some point be available independent of the ISA chosen in the backend.


Indeed. Don't use in prod.


See the example: cargo run --example simple.

Only works on x86_64-unknown-linux-* and should fail to compile on other architectures and OS's.


The base software: Unlicense


Tables of possibly supported platforms.

Syscall and ret instructions and registers

Arch/ABI    Instruction           System# Ret1  Ret2
arm/OABI    swi NR                -       r0    -
arm/EABI    swi 0x0               r7      r0   r1
arm64       svc #0                w8      x0   x1
i386        int $0x80             eax     eax  edx
riscv       ecall                 a7      a0   a1
x86-64      syscall               rax     rax  rdx
x32         syscall               rax     rax  rdx

Argument registers

Arch/ABI      arg1  arg2  arg3  arg4  arg5  arg6  arg7  Notes
arm/OABI      r0    r1    r2    r3    r4    r5    r6
arm/EABI      r0    r1    r2    r3    r4    r5    r6
arm64         x0    x1    x2    x3    x4    x5    -
i386          ebx   ecx   edx   esi   edi   ebp   -
riscv         a0    a1    a2    a3    a4    a5    -
x86-64        rdi   rsi   rdx   r10   r8    r9    -
x32           rdi   rsi   rdx   r10   r8    r9    -

C-abi registers

Arch/ABI      a0    a1    a2    a3    a4    a5    ret1  ret2  caller
x86-64        rdi   rsi   rdx   rcx   r8    r9    rax   rdx   rbx,rsp,rbp


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