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Safely split a mutable slice in multiple threads at the same time

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A SyncSplitter allows multiple threads to split a mutable slice at the same time.

It's a bit like a Sync arena, where you can 'allocate' elements in the same Vec (or some other mutable slice) in parallel, then at the end get back the elements.

You kinda need this sort of thing to build trees or graphs in parallel (eg. with rayon) without allocating each node individually. The motivating case was a BVH implementation.


use sync_splitter::SyncSplitter;

// We'll build a binary tree and store it in an array where each node points to its first,
// child, with the two children always adjacent.
#[derive(Default, Copy, Clone)]
struct Node {
    // We'll store the depth in-lieu of some actual data.
    height: u32,

    // The index of the first child if not a leaf. The second will be `first_child_index + 1`.
    first_child_index: Option<usize>,

fn create_children(parent: &mut Node, splitter: &SyncSplitter<Node>, height: u32) {
    if height == 0 {

    // Calling `pop_two` (or `pop_n`) gets two consecutive elements from the original slice.
    let ((left, right), first_child_index) = splitter.pop_two().expect("arena too small");
    *parent = Node {
        first_child_index: Some(first_child_index),
    rayon::join(|| create_children(left, splitter, height - 1),
                || create_children(right, splitter, height - 1))

let mut arena = vec![Node::default(); 500];
let num_nodes = {
    let splitter = SyncSplitter::new(&mut arena);
        let (root, _) = splitter.pop().expect("arena too small");
        create_children(root, &splitter, 5);
assert_eq!(num_nodes, 63);

// `arena` now contains all the nodes in our binary tree.

No runtime deps