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Discord farming bot for Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes mobile game

7 releases (4 breaking)

0.5.0 Feb 15, 2022
0.4.3 Nov 23, 2021
0.4.2 May 24, 2020
0.4.0 Feb 23, 2020
0.1.0 Aug 22, 2019

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SWGoH farming bot

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A Discord bot to manage and track farming in SWGoH


This bot works only with MySQL.

DISCORD_TOKEN and DATABASE_URL env var must be set to work.

DATABASE_URL must be a valid MySQL format like mysql://[[user]:[password]@]host[:port][/database].


All release images are in this registry registry.gitlab.com/swgoh-game/farming-bot/swgoh_farming_bot. See container registry to see all images.

  1. Pull latest docker image docker pull registry.gitlab.com/swgoh-game/farming-bot/swgoh_farming_bot:latest.
  2. Run image docker run --env DISCORD_TOKEN=yourtoken --env DATABASE_URL=yourdburl registry.gitlab.com/swgoh-game/farming-bot/swgoh_farming_bot.

With Cargo

Run cargo install swgoh_farming_bot. The database migrations are run at application startup. To run use env APP_ENV=prod DISCORD_TOKEN=yourdiscordtoken DATABASE_URL=yourdburl swgoh_farming_bot.

To specify log level, add RUST_LOG env var.

From sources


Diesel must be installed with Mysql feature. See diesel documentation to install it

Compilation requirements
  • C compiler for example GCC
  • SSL library
  • pkg-config (linux only)
  • MySQL Client library


Follow steps bellow to install and run this bot.

  1. Clone repository
  2. Copy .env.dist file and rename it to .env. Change content to the right values. Or use environment variables.
  3. Start bot with cargo run --release or build with cargo build --release and run with ./target/release/swgoh-farming-bot.

After startup

Inside discord run the !unit update command. Only the bot owner can run this command.


This project adheres to Semantic Versioning and use git flow branching model.


  • unit update command who get all existing units (character and ships) from swgoh.gg.
  • unit farmed command who get all members that farm this unit.
  • farm gears command to register whit units is actually gears up.
  • user ignore command to ignore a user during given days or definitively.
  • Add command for customisation of bot (officer roles, announce interval).
  • Cron to regularly update information (eg: gear of user units).
  • Allow installation with cargo.

All new ideas are welcome.

Copyright 2019 David Wittwer and Contributors

This project is licensed under GNU GPLv3 license. See license file


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