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swc plugin add dataset for wts logging

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0.1.1 Apr 3, 2024
0.1.0 Apr 3, 2024

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This plugin add dataset for logging published in crates.io

  • data-tossinvest-log for clickable and custom clickable
  • data-section-name for custom section

How to publish it.

  • change code and add test code to /tests
  • npm test will run cargo test
  • if everything work fine npm run prepack to build wasi
  • check cargo prepublish validation with npm run valid
  • to publish this plugin to npm change version in package.json npm publish
  • if you want to publish to crate please contact jimmy maybe you don't need it

How to use it.

  • In your next app version >= 12.2.0
  • next.config.js to add belong
experimental: {
    swcPlugins: [
        '@tossinvest/swc-add-logging-dataset', {},


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