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SurrealDB Migrator

Migrator library for SurrealDB.


cargo add surrealdb-migrator

Using code for migration scripts

use surrealdb_migrator::{Migrations, M};

let db = surrealdb::engine::any::connect("mem://");

let migrations = Migrations::new(vec![
    M::up("DEFINE TABLE animal; DEFINE FIELD name ON animal TYPE string;").down("REMOVE TABLE user;"),
    M::up("DEFINE TABLE food; DEFINE FIELD name ON food TYPE string;").down("REMOVE TABLE food;"),

// Go to the latest version

// Go to a specific version
migrations.to_version(&db, 0).unwrap();

Using files for migration script

The migrations are loaded and stored in the binary. from-directory feature flags needs to be enabled.

The migration directory pointed to by include_dir!() must contain subdirectories in accordance with the given pattern: {usize id indicating the order}-{convenient migration name}

Those directories must contain at least an up.surql file containing a valid upward migration. They can also contain a down.surql file containing a downward migration.

Example structure

├── 01-friend_car
│  └── up.surql
├── 02-add_birthday_column
│  └── up.surql
└── 03-add_animal_table
    ├── down.surql
    └── up.surql
use include_dir::{include_dir, Dir}; // cargo add include_dir
static MIGRATION_DIR: Dir = include_dir!("$CARGO_MANIFEST_DIR/migrations");

let migrations = Migrations::from_directory(&MIGRATION_DIR).unwrap();


Apache License


Thanks to rusqlite_migration where the code for surrealdb-migrator is inspired from.


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