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CUDA Groth16 proof generator for Filecoin

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The final step of the sealing process is to generate a zkSNARK for the proof of replication (porep). Using the inclusion proofs from C1, the inputs are put through the porep circuit and a proof generated using Groth16.

Intended Usage

The SupraSeal C2 operations are different than the rest of the library in that there are dependencies on primitives in external libraries. Specifically with bellperson through the use of a modified version of synthesize_circuits_batch() to generate the witness. From there the vectors are put through various MSM and NTT kernels on GPU and CPU. Note this requires the usage of a Rust based interface as opposed to the C/C++ seen throughout SupraSeal.

The use of bellperson currently complicates matters since the library needs to be modified slightly in order to run with the SupraSeal Groth16 primitives. This will be rectified in bellperson v0.26 introducing cuda-supraseal feature flag, but for the moment of this writing the demos/c2-test/run.me PoC script performs the necessary steps and executes a 32GiB test/benchmark. It's assumed that you've previously fetched the corresponding parameters. The expected execution time for the test is approximately 2-3 minutes depending on GPU.


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