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Summa is a full-text IPFS-friendly search engine that may be launched on both large servers and inside your browser.

Thanks to embedded IPFS daemon, your data can be replicated and published through P2P, allowing for a truly distributed and uncensorable search experience. And, thanks to compatibility with WASM, Summa can be launched entirely inside your browser, enabling you to search in network published indices without ever having to execute search queries on remote servers.

If you're ready to start, be sure to check out our docs:

Key Features

  • Full-text search engine written in Rust with a wide range of supported queries and ranking functions
  • Server with GRPC API for using the search engine
  • Python asynchronous client library and CLI for the API
  • JS-bindings to launch subset of Summa in browsers
  • Also, you may use Kafka for indexing




⚠️ The project is under active development, we do not publish latest images yet. The best option now is testing



You may support us at OpenCollective or by cryptos:

  • monero: 464Wws65yssHdqGKGkFsHmbqNhBJ7zoPrbPTGAJma4VmTngtrJmQEaG9i739CUJJak3esALHpbWGXdVwMghzpFToLD6Q7Ne
  • btc: 3HooXUqJnZ4Ad8AGeqfSZ5QZQE72ZaZgY6
  • eth: 0x009AeabF4aeDe417d324077E7858956e6d0962D6


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