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Utility subcrate for substrace

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0.2.0 Dec 13, 2022

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MIT license

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Substrace: Experimental Static Analysis for Substrate Projects

Substrace is a tool for linting substrate projects for specific gotchas and other errors.


Install through cargo install substrace. Run using cargo substrace.


Currently the following lints are used:

  • missing_security_doc: checks for the presence Security headers on storage maps using suspicious hashing functions, such as Twox64Concat.
  • panics: ensures that clippy has been properly configured to avoid panics in code.
  • missing_transactional: ensures that extrinsics are marked with the #[transactional] label
  • extrinsics_must_be_tagged: ensures that extrinsics are marked with the #[pallet::call_index(...)] label

More lints will be added in the future, initially targetting checks that ensure storage consistencies. Currently in the works:

  • storage_iter_insert: checks that storage isn't simultaniously being mutated whilst iteration is active.
  • enable_singlepass_benchmarks: checks that benchmarks are run when calling cargo test
  • xcm_config_check: checks that the xcm config does not make the same mistake as the Karura bug