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Download pictures and gifs from a subreddit

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Download pictures and gifs from a subreddit. Great for subreddits full of wallpapers or other cool images.

Install with: cargo install subdown3

Linux binaries can be downloaded from GitLab.

Example: subdown3 BendingWallpapers --top=all

Full options:

usage: subdown3 [--help] [--limit=LIMIT] [--top=hour,week,month,year,all]
                [--version] [subreddits]
 positional arguments:
   subreddits                        list of subreddits to download

 optional arguments:
   --help                            show this help message and exit
   --limit=LIMIT                     posts to process
   --top=hour,week,month,year,all    get posts from the top listing
   --version                         display version

Supported sites

subdown3 supports downloading from the following sites:

  • i.redd.it
  • gfycat.com
  • imgur.com
  • giphy.com
  • upload.wikimedia.org

More can be added upon request.


subdown3 is (C) 2020 Kunal Mehta and released under the GPL, v3 or any later version. See COPYING for more details.


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