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no-std strobe-rs

An implementation of the Strobe protocol framework in pure Rust

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0.6.2 Nov 11, 2020
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0.5.2 Aug 22, 2019
0.3.4 Jul 7, 2018

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This is a relatively barebones, no_std implementation of the Strobe protocol framework in pure Rust. It is intended to be used as a library to build other protocols and frameworks. This implementation currently only supports Keccak-f[1600] as the internal permutation function, which is the largest possible block size, so big deal.


A simple program that encrypts and decrypts a message:

use strobe_rs::{SecParam, Strobe};

fn main() {
    let mut rx = Strobe::new(b"correctnesstest", SecParam::B256);
    let mut tx = Strobe::new(b"correctnesstest", SecParam::B256);

    rx.key(b"the-combination-on-my-luggage", false);
    tx.key(b"the-combination-on-my-luggage", false);

    let mut msg = b"Attack at dawn".to_vec();
    rx.send_enc(msg.as_mut_slice(), false);

    // Rename for clarity. `msg` has been encrypted in-place.
    let mut ciphertext = msg;

    tx.recv_enc(ciphertext.as_mut_slice(), false);

    // And back again.
    let round_trip_msg = ciphertext;

    assert_eq!(&round_trip_msg, b"Attack at dawn");


Default features flags: [none]

Feature flag list:

  • std - Necessary for running known-answer tests. No need to enable unless you're debugging this crate.

For info on how to omit or include feature flags, see the cargo docs on features.


To run tests, execute

cargo test --all-features

This includes known-answer tests, which test against JSON-encoded test vectors in the kat/ directory. To verify these test vectors against the reference Python implementation, cd into kat/, run python2 verify_test_vector.py and follow the included instructions.


To benchmark, run

cargo bench

This will produce a summary with plots in target/crieteron/report/index.html. These won't be very interesting, since almost every function in STROBE has the same runtime.


  • Contribute an asm impelmentation of Keccak-f[1600] to tiny-keccak and expose a feature flag that lets strobe-rs users choose which implementation they prefer.


Licensed under either of

at your option.


This code has not been audited in any sense of the word. Use at your own discretion.