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Bindings to statx syscall implemented by syscall

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0.4.0 Oct 27, 2019
0.3.0 Oct 3, 2019
0.2.1 Jun 17, 2019
0.2.0 Apr 7, 2019
0.1.1 Apr 7, 2019

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Bindings to statx syscall which is available in Linux kernel 4.11 , implemented by syscall syscall.

Man page of statx: http://man7.org/linux/man-pages/man2/statx.2.html

statx related fn and structs are first included in libc 0.2.56 . And this crate provide an alternative which is compatible to libc 0.2.3 , which is the lowest version with support for syscall. For system without statx support, the fn statx of this crate will safely return ENOSYS instead of a compile-time link error.


Bindings to statx syscall.

Note that statx() was added to Linux in kernel 4.11 .

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