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Helps you with managing your investments:

  • Portfolio rebalancing: instructs you which orders you have to submit to make your portfolio in order with your asset allocation.
  • Stock selling simulation: calculates revenue, profit, taxes and real profit percent which considers taxes into account.
  • Automatic tax statement generation: reads broker statements and alters *.dcX file (created by Russian tax program named Декларация) by adding all required information about income from stock selling, paid dividends and idle cash interest.
  • Analysis: calculates average rate of return from cash investments by comparing portfolio performance to performance of a bank deposit in USD and RUB currency with exactly the same investments and monthly capitalization. Considers taxes, commissions, dividends and tax deductions when calculates portfolio performance.
  • Bank deposits control: view opened bank deposits all in one place and get notified about upcoming deposit closures.

Targeted for Russian investors who use Interactive Brokers, Тинькофф, Firstrade, Открытие Брокер or БКС.


  1. Install Rust - https://www.rust-lang.org/tools/install
  2. Install or upgrade the package:
cargo install investments

If it fails to compile and you installed Rust a long time ago, try rustup update to update Rust to the latest version.

If you want to install the package from sources, use:

git clone https://github.com/KonishchevDmitry/investments.git
cd investments
cargo install --path . --force


Create ~/.investments/config.yaml configuration file (example). Don't forget to obtain API token for Finnhub and Twelve Data (see the comments in example config).



Investments is designed to work with your broker statements - there is no need to enter all trades and transactions manually, but it requires you to have all broker statements starting from account opening day. It may be either one broker statement or many - it doesn't matter, but what matters is that the first statement must be with zero starting assets and statements' periods mustn't overlap or have missing days in between.

For now the following broker statements are supported:

  • Interactive Brokers (*.csv)
  • Тинькофф (*.xlsx)
  • Firstrade (experimental support) (*.ofx)
  • Открытие Брокер (IIA, basic support) (*.xml)
  • БКС (basic support) (*.xls)

Investments keeps some data in local database located at ~/.investments/db.sqlite and supports a number of commands which can be grouped as:

  • Analyse commands (analyse, simulate-sell, tax-statement) that read your broker statements and produce some results.
  • sync command that reads your broker statements and stores your current positions to the local database.
  • Portfolio rebalancing commands (show, rebalance, cash, buy, sell) that work only with local database.

Local database is required for portfolio rebalancing because during rebalancing you submit buy/sell orders to your broker that modify your portfolio (free assets, open positions) and this information have to be saved somewhere until at least tomorrow when you'll be able to download a new broker statement which will include the changes.

Here is an example of main commands output:

investments analyse

investments simulate-sell

investments tax-statement

The screenshots are blurred for privacy reasons since they require a real broker statement, but I can emulate sync command by executing the following commands with a random fake data to provide a full example of show and rebalance commands:

$ investments buy ib 100 VTI 4000
$ investments buy ib 30 VXUS 4000
$ investments buy ib 40 BND 4000
$ investments buy ib 60 BNDX 4000

With these commands executed and provided example config we'll get the following results for show and rebalance commands:

investments show

investments rebalance

Rebalancing actions in this case are assumed to be the following:

  1. View the instructions: investments rebalance
  2. Buy 50 VXUS using broker's terminal, got $current_assets left on your account
  3. Commit the results: investments buy ib 50 VXUS $current_assets
  4. View the instructions: investments rebalance
  5. Buy 12 BNDX using broker's terminal, got $current_assets left on your account
  6. Commit the results: investments buy ib 12 BNDX $current_assets
  7. View the instructions: investments rebalance
  8. Buy 9 BND using broker's terminal, got $current_assets left on your account
  9. Commit the results: investments buy ib 9 BND $current_assets
  10. View the result: investments show

This iterative trading is not required - you can look at the results of investments rebalance and submit all orders at once, but it leaves a chance to spend more than you supposed to in case of highly volatile market. In practice, the simplest strategy here in case of relatively small price of all stocks - submit all orders except the last (one / two / few), commit the current result, execute investments rebalance and submit the rest.

Prometheus metrics

investments metrics command allows you to export analysis results in Prometheus format to be collected by Node exporter's Textfile Collector.

Here is an example of Grafana dashboard which displays aggregated statistics and investment results for multiple portfolios opened in different brokers:

Investments Grafana dashboard

Broker specific

Interactive Brokers

The program expects Activity Statements in *.csv format for broker statements (Reports -> Statements -> Activity).


Download broker statements periodically and run the tool against them to be sure that it's still able to parse them and won't fail when you'll need it.

Generate tax statement in the beginning of March. Interactive Brokers sometimes adds corrections to their mid-February statements and if you generate tax statement earlier, it may contain inaccurate data.

T+2 trading mode

Activity statements don't provide trade settle date. So by default all calculations will be made in T+0 mode and simulate-sell and tax-statement commands will complain on this via warning message because it affects correctness of tax calculations.

Trade settle date may be obtained from Trade Confirmation Report. To do this, create a Trade Confirmation Flex Query in the IB Reports -> Flex Queries tab with the following parameters:

Trade Confirmation Flex Query Parameters

and download the statements for all periods where you have any trades. Investments will catch these statements and use information from them for calculations in T+2 mode.

Dividend reclassifications

Every year IB has to adjust the 1042 withholding (i.e. withholding on US dividends paid to non-US accounts) to reflect dividend reclassifications. This is typically done in February the following year. As such, the majority of these adjustments are refunds to customers. The typical case is when IB's best information at the time of paying a dividend indicates that the distribution is an ordinary dividend (and therefore subject to withholding), then later at year end, the dividend is reclassified as Return of Capital, proceeds, or capital gains (all of which are not subject to 1042 withholding).

So withholding in previous year's statements should be reviewed against February statement's withholding adjustments. Investments finds such reclassifications and handles them properly, but at this time it matches dividends on taxes using (date, symbol) pair, because matching by description turned out to be too fragile. As it turns out sometimes dates of reclassified taxes don't match dividend dates. To workaround such cases there is tax_remapping configuration option using which you can manually map reclassified tax to date of its origin dividend.

БКС and Открытие Брокер

Dividends aren't parsed out from broker statements yet. I use FinEx ETF which don't pay dividends, so I don't have an example of how they are look like in the broker statements.


Deposits are controlled via deposits command. You register your opened deposits in the configuration file and then execute investments deposits to view them all in one place:

$ investments deposits

                            Open deposits

 Open date   Close date    Name     Amount   Interest  Current amount
 19.06.2019  19.03.2020  Тинькофф  465,000₽         7     473,343.49₽
 21.06.2019  21.06.2020  Тинькофф  200,000₽       7.5     203,763.08₽
                                   665,000₽               677,106.57₽

This command has a cron mode (investments deposits --cron) which you can use in combination with notify_deposit_closing_days configuration option. For example, if you create a cron job and configure it to send the command output to your email, then on 11.06.2020 having notify_deposit_closing_days: 10 you get an email with the following contents:

The following deposits are about to close:
* 21.06.2020 Тинькофф: 200,000-> 215,570.51₽

The following deposits are closed:
* 19.03.2020 Тинькофф: 465,000-> 490,013.27

Unsupported features

The program supports only those cases which I saw in my broker statements or statements sent to me by other people, which I assured to be handled properly and wrote regression tests for. For example, the following aren't supported yet:

  • Bonds
  • Futures
  • Options
  • Margin accounts

Denial of responsibility

The project is developed as a pet project, mainly for my personal use. The code is written in a way that if it finds something unusual in broker statement it returns an error and doesn't try to pass through the error to avoid the case when it will get you to misleading results, so there are many cases that it's not able to handle yet and I can't guarantee that I'll find a free time to support your specific case.


Issues and Discussions are the preferred way for requests and questions. Please use email only for privacy reasons.


~25K SLoC