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stack token implementation for convenient TLS borrowing

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Stack Tokens

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This library implements stack tokens which can be used to safely borrow values with stack-local lifetimes.

StackTokens are zero sized objects that can be placed on the call stack with the stack_token! macro which then can be used to safely borrow from places such as thread local storage with reduced lifetimes.

Without stack tokens the only safe API for such constructs are callback based such as the LocalKey::with API. This problem however is not always restricted to thread local storage directly as some APIs are internally constrained by similar challenges.

The problem usually appears when a proxy object wants to lend out some memory but it does not have a better lifetime than itself to constrain the value, but it does not directly own the value it’s trying to lend out. As a Rust programmer one is enticed to try to constrain it by the lifetime of &self but thanks to Box::leak that lifetime can become &'static.

For more information see the the blog post describing the concept.

use stack_tokens::{stack_token, RefCellLocalKeyExt};
use std::cell::RefCell;

thread_local! {
    static VEC: RefCell<Vec<i32>> = RefCell::default();

// places a token on the stack.

// you can now directly deref the thread local without closures
assert_eq!(VEC.as_ref(scope).len(), 1);

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