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A thread-safe sstables library

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0.3.0-alpha Feb 19, 2020
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An experimental an educational attempt to write a Rust thread-safe sstables library.

See the documentation for more details and background.

How to use

For writing SSTables, refer to writer documentation

For reading SSTables, refer to reader documentation


This example will write then read the sstable with all default options with a single-threaded.

For more efficient, concurrent reading code, refer to reader documentation.

use sstb::*;
use std::collections::BTreeMap;

let filename = "/tmp/example-sstable";
let mut map = BTreeMap::new();
map.insert(b"foo", b"some foo");
map.insert(b"bar", b"some bar");

write_btree_map(&map, filename, None).unwrap();

// This example does not use multiple threads, so it's ok to use
// SSTableReader instead of ConcurrentSSTableReader.
let mut reader =
  SSTableReader::new_with_options(filename, &ReadOptions::default())
assert_eq!(reader.get(b"foo").unwrap(), Some(b"some foo" as &[u8]));
assert_eq!(reader.get(b"bar").unwrap(), Some(b"some bar" as &[u8]));
assert_eq!(reader.get(b"foobar").unwrap(), None);


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