Cargo Features

ssi = { version = "0.7.0", default-features = false, features = ["w3c", "secp256k1", "secp256r1", "secp384r1", "ed25519", "rsa", "ripemd-160", "bbs", "aleo", "eip", "tezos", "solana", "ring", "http-did", "example-http-issuer", "ed25519-dalek", "keccak", "sha"] }
default = eip, ripemd-160, tezos, w3c

These default features are set whenever ssi is added without default-features = false somewhere in the dependency tree.

w3c default = ed25519, rsa, secp256k1, secp256r1

Enables w3c of ssi-ldp


enable LDPs from the W3C linked data proof registry: ed25519, secp256k1, rsa2018, secp256r1

secp256k1 w3c

enable secp256k1 signatures

Enables secp256k1 of ssi-ldp

secp256r1 w3c

enable secp256r1 (p256) signatures

Enables secp256r1 of ssi-ldp


enable secp384r1 (p384) signatures

Enables secp384r1 of ssi-ldp

ed25519 ed25519-dalek? w3c

enable ed25519 (EdDSA) signatures

Enables ed25519 of ssi-jwk, ssi-jws, and ssi-ldp

rsa sha? w3c

enable RSA signatures

Enables rsa of ssi-ldp

ripemd-160 default

enable ripemd hashes

Enables ripemd-160 of ssi-jwk


enable bbs

Enables bbs of ssi-crypto


enable aleo ecosystem signatures

Enables aleo of ssi-caips, ssi-jws, and ssi-ldp

eip default keccak?

enable ethereum style signatures

Enables eip of ssi-caips, keccak of ssi-crypto, eip of ssi-jwk and ssi-ldp

tezos default

enable tezos style signatures

Enables tezos of ssi-caips, ssi-jwk, ssi-jws, and ssi-ldp


enable LDPs from the Solana Ecosystem

Enables solana of ssi-ldp


Use the Ring crate for crypto operations

Enables ring of ssi-crypto, ssi-jwk, and ssi-jws


Enables http of ssi-dids


Enables example-http-issuer of ssi-ldp

ed25519-dalek = ed25519

Backward compatibility features

keccak = eip
sha = rsa