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srvzio - an helpful crate to implement services

Services? What services?

This crate is inspired by my admiration and attachment to Google's Guava library for Java. Especially the Services.

A Service is then something that I would define as an entity that, when started it does work, and when stopped it does not. Awfully vague, isn't it? OK, here is the definition from the Guava wiki page on the topic:

The Service represents an object with an operational state, with methods to start and stop. For example, webservers, RPC servers, and timers can [be] Services[s].

Managing the state of services like these, which require proper startup and shutdown management, can be nontrivial, especially if multiple threads or scheduling is involved.

srvzio aims to provide a rustic version of this. But, because of the enormous differences between Java and Rust, we will start small, with few and simple abstractions, and then will hopefully grow the crate over time (maybe with your contributions?).

Building blocks

  • Service: a Trait representing an object that can be started and can be stopped
  • ServiceStatusFlag: a type designed to represent the internal state of a Service implementation
  • ServiceManager: a composite of concrete Services


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