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Mr. strings template is a library that allows you to render just text templates.

  • You can see a real example here, it is a real time template renderer.
  • Documentation here
  • Wiki


  • Super fast
  • Efficient
  • Renders variables of all types
  • Function system
  • Easy implementation of custom functions
  • Minimum possible dependencies
  • Feature-based implementations, use only what you need
  • Using the same variables renders multiple times

Basic example

[!NOTE] See more examples here

use srtemplate::SrTemplate;

fn main() {
    let mut ctx = SrTemplate::default();
    ctx.add_variable("var", &"World");
    ctx.add_variable("otherVar", &"Other");
    ctx.add_variable("number", &85u8);
    let template = "Hello {{ var }}! This is {{ otherVar }} and this is number: {{number}}";
    println!("Rendered: {}", ctx.render(template).unwrap());

[!NOTE] For more information about the functions implemented by default or how to use the library in depth, see the wiki


  • I would like to change the way custom functions are implemented.
  • Macros to create custom functions
  • Better add_variable function to make more easy and performance managing Cow


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