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A small utility upscaling or downscaling images.


cargo install squale


Specify the dimensions that output images must fit and pass image path(s) as argument:

squale --fit 800x600 trav/tracteurs/*

Squale filters out non images and files whose name looks like its own output.

Generated images are named according to the specified fitting rectangle (real image dimensions may be smaller, as proportions are kept).

For example, assuming you have those files:



squale --fit 800x600 trav/tracteurs/*

Then, you'll get


List of arguments is available on squale --help

Output images

Images are scaled up or down with the Lanczos sampling algorithm (window 3) which isn't terribly fast but gives excellent results.

Scaled PNG, ICO, and BMP images are saved as PNG.

Other kinds of images are saved as JPEG. Default quality is 85 but it can be changed with the --jpeg-quality parameter.


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