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A wrapper around sqlx::Error to provide error path and additional context

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A wrapper around sqlx::Error to provide error path and additional context.


use sqlx_error::{sqlx_error, SqlxError};

#[derive(Debug, thiserror::Error)]
pub enum MyError {
    Sqlx(#[from] SqlxError),

/// If you have a single sqlx query per function, the function path by itself could provide
/// enough context
fn foo() -> Result<(), MyError> {

/// Or you can add more context
fn bar() -> Result<(), MyError> {
    Err(sqlx::Error::RowNotFound).map_err(sqlx_error!("more context"))?;

assert_eq!(foo().unwrap_err().to_string(), "sqlx rust_out::foo, src/lib.rs:15:43");
assert_eq!(bar().unwrap_err().to_string(), "sqlx rust_out::bar, src/lib.rs:21:43, more context");


We appreciate all kinds of contributions, thank you!

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This project is licensed under the MIT license.


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