Cargo Features

spinoff = { version = "0.8.0", default-features = false, features = ["all", "dots6", "dots12", "simple_dots", "flip", "grow_verticle", "box_bounce", "circle", "circle_halves", "toggle4", "toggle9", "arrow", "bouncing_ball", "moon", "weather", "beta_wave", "soccer_header", "blue_pulse", "aesthetic", "cute"] }
default = all

The all feature is set by default whenever spinoff is added without default-features = false somewhere in the dependency tree.

all default = aesthetic, arc, arrow, arrow2, arrow3, balloon, balloon2, beta_wave, binary, blue_pulse, bounce, bouncing_ball, bouncing_bar, box_bounce, box_bounce2, christmas, circle, circle_halves, circle_quarters, clock, cute, dots, dots10, dots11, dots12, dots2, dots3, dots4, dots5, dots6, dots7, dots8, dots8bit, dots9, dqpb, earth, finger_dance, fist_bump, flip, grenade, grow_horizontal, grow_verticle, hamburger, hearts, layer, line, line2, material, mindblown, monkey, moon, noise, orange_blue_pulse, orange_pulse, pipe, point, pong, runner, shark, simple_dots, simple_dots_scrolling, smiley, soccer_header, speaker, square_corners, squish, star, star2, time_travel, toggle, toggle10, toggle11, toggle12, toggle13, toggle2, toggle3, toggle4, toggle5, toggle6, toggle7, toggle8, toggle9, triangle, weather
dots dots2 dots3 dots4 dots5 dots6 all
dots7 dots8 dots9 dots10 dots11 dots12 all
dots8bit line line2 pipe simple_dots all
simple_dots_scrolling star star2 flip all
hamburger grow_horizontal grow_verticle all
balloon balloon2 noise bounce box_bounce all
box_bounce2 triangle arc circle all
square_corners circle_quarters circle_halves all
squish toggle toggle2 toggle3 toggle4 all
toggle5 toggle6 toggle7 toggle8 toggle9 all
toggle10 toggle11 toggle12 toggle13 arrow all
arrow2 arrow3 bouncing_bar bouncing_ball all
smiley monkey hearts clock earth moon all
runner material pong shark weather all
christmas grenade point layer beta_wave all
finger_dance fist_bump dqpb soccer_header all
mindblown speaker orange_pulse blue_pulse all
orange_blue_pulse time_travel aesthetic all
binary cute all

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