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macro sp-runtime-interface-proc-macro

This crate provides procedural macros for usage within the context of the Substrate runtime interface

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The Polkadot SDK repository provides all the components needed to start building on the Polkadot network, a multi-chain blockchain platform that enables different blockchains to interoperate and share information in a secure and scalable way.

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[!NOTE] Our release process is still Work-In-Progress and may not yet reflect the aspired outline here.

The Polkadot-SDK has two release channels: stable and nightly. Production software is advised to only use stable. nightly is meant for tinkerers to try out the latest features. The detailed release process is described in RELEASE.md.

You can use psvm to manage your Polkadot-SDK dependency versions in downstream projects.

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stable releases have a support duration of three months. In this period, the release will not have any breaking changes. It will receive bug fixes, security fixes, performance fixes and new non-breaking features on a two week cadence.

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nightly releases are released every night from the master branch, potentially with breaking changes. They have pre-release version numbers in the format major.0.0-nightlyYYMMDD.

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Polkadot SDK Version Manager: A simple tool to manage and update the Polkadot SDK dependencies in any Cargo.toml file. It will automatically update the Polkadot SDK dependencies to their correct crates.io version.

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Take a look at the issues labeled with mentor (or alternatively this page, created by one of the maintainers) label to get started! We always recognize valuable contributions by proposing an on-chain tip to the Polkadot network as a token of our appreciation.

Polkadot Fellowship

Development in this repo usually goes hand in hand with the fellowship organization. In short, this repository provides all the SDK pieces needed to build both Polkadot and its parachains. But, the actual Polkadot runtime lives in the fellowship/runtimes repository. Read more about the fellowship, this separation, the RFC process here.


This repository is the amalgamation of 3 separate repositories that used to make up Polkadot SDK, namely Substrate, Polkadot and Cumulus. Read more about the merge and its history here.


This crate provides procedural macros for usage within the context of the Substrate runtime interface.

The following macros are provided:

  1. The #[runtime_interface] attribute macro for generating the runtime interfaces.
  2. The PassByCodec derive macro for implementing PassBy with Codec. 3. The PassByEnum derive macro for implementing PassBy with Enum. 4. The PassByInner derive macro for implementing PassBy with Inner.


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