Cargo Features

sourceview5 has no features set by default.

sourceview5 = { version = "0.8.0", features = ["gtk_v4_6", "gtk_v4_12", "v5_2", "v5_4", "v5_6", "v5_10"] }
gtk_v4_6 v5_4?

Enables v4_6 of gtk4, v1_50 of pango


Enables v4_12 of gtk4

v5_2 v5_4?

Enables v5_2 of sourceview5-sys

Affects functions::scheduler_add, functions::scheduler_add_full, functions::scheduler_remove, print_compositor::PrintCompositorExt.ignore_tag

v5_4 v5_6? = gtk_v4_6, v5_2

Enables v5_4 of sourceview5-sys

v5_6 v5_10? = v5_4

Enables v5_6 of sourceview5-sys

Affects completion_proposal::CompletionProposalExt.typed_text

v5_10 = v5_6

Enables v5_10 of sourceview5-sys

Affects buffer::BufferExt.connect_loading_notify