Cargo Features

snafu = { version = "0.7.5", default-features = false, features = ["std", "unstable-core-error", "rust_1_39", "rust_1_46", "rust_1_61", "backtraces", "backtraces-impl-backtrace-crate", "unstable-backtraces-impl-std", "backtraces-impl-std", "unstable-provider-api", "unstable-try-trait", "futures", "guide", "internal-dev-dependencies"] }
default = rust_1_46, std

These default features are set whenever snafu is added without default-features = false somewhere in the dependency tree.

std default backtraces?

Implement the std::error::Error trait.

Affects report::CleanedErrorText


Implement the core::error::Error trait.

rust_1_39 rust_1_46

Add support for async / .await

Enables rust_1_39 of snafu-derive

rust_1_46 default rust_1_61? = rust_1_39

Add support for #[track_caller]

Enables rust_1_46 of snafu-derive

rust_1_61 = rust_1_46

Add support for Termination for Report

Enables rust_1_61 of snafu-derive

backtraces backtraces-impl-backtrace-crate? = backtrace, std

Makes the backtrace type live

backtraces-impl-backtrace-crate = backtraces

The backtrace type becomes backtrace::Backtrace

unstable-backtraces-impl-std = backtraces-impl-std

We implement std::error::Error::backtrace

Enables unstable-backtraces-impl-std of snafu-derive

backtraces-impl-std unstable-backtraces-impl-std?

The backtrace type becomes std::backtrace::Backtrace


The std::error::Error provider API will be implemented.

Enables unstable-provider-api of snafu-derive


Add support for FromResidual for Report

futures = futures-core-crate, pin-project

The standard library's implementation of futures

Affects snafu::futures


Include the built-in user guide documentation

internal-dev-dependencies = futures-crate

No public user should make use of this feature

Features from optional dependencies

In crates that don't use the dep: syntax, optional dependencies automatically become Cargo features.

backtrace backtraces?

With default (std)

futures-crate internal-dev-dependencies?

Enables futures

futures-core-crate futures?

Enables futures-core

pin-project futures?