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Rust wrapper around the SMTP2GO /email/send API endpoint.


Add this line to your Cargo.toml in the [dependencies] block

smtp2go = "0.1.6"


Sign up for a free account here and once logged in navigate to the Settings -> Api Keys page, create a new API key and make sure the /email/send endpoint is enabled:

Once you have an API key you need to export it into the environment where your Rust application is going to be executed, this can be done on the terminal like so:

`$ export SMTP2GO_API_KEY="<your_API_key>"`

Or alternatively you can set it in code using the std::env::set_var function.

Then sending mail is as simple as:

	match smtp2go::Email::new()
		.from("Matt <matt@example.com>")
			"Dave <dave@example.com>".to_string()
		.subject("Trying out SMTP2Go")
		.text_body("Test message")
		.send().await {
			Ok(response) => println!("Message Successfully Sent - {:?}", response),
			Err(error) => println!("Message failed: Error: {:?}", error)


Clone repo. Run tests with cargo test.


Bug reports and pull requests are welcome on GitHub here


The package is available as open source under the terms of the MIT License.


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