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simple app to set Slack status, emoji and photo

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0.1.7 Jul 19, 2023
0.1.6 Jul 17, 2023

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Contains (ELF exe/lib, 10MB) slack_update

Slack Update πŸ•ΊπŸ’ƒ

A tool for updating certain things in your Slack Profile:

  • Status (emoji, text, expiration)
  • Profile pic


To start using this tool you first need to create an app and connect it to your workspace

Creating the app

  1. https://api.slack.com/apps
  2. Create New App
  3. Choose "from scratch"
  4. Give it a name and choose the workspace
  5. In the next window find and press "OAuth & Permissions"
  6. Follow "Scopes" > "User Token Scopes" > press "Add OAuth Scope"
  7. Add "users.profile:write" scope
  8. Then, within the same page find "OAuth Tokens for Your Workspace" > "Install to Workspace" > Install
  9. This will provide you with a Token that looks like "xoxp-...". Save it for the next step

Install the cli

Install the binary

cargo install slack_update

Set up your token from the previous step. It will be stored into ~/.config/slack_update/config.toml

slack_update set-token "xoxp-..."


Set emoji, text and expiration (as a unix timestamp)

slack_update status -e ":crazy:" -t gotcha! -x 1337

Set image (with cropping)

slack_update photo -w 150 ./bubble_gum.png 

Get further help with

slack_update -h


~317K SLoC