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sys sixel-sys-static

FFI bindings to libsixel, static linkage

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Uses old Rust 2015

0.3.2 Oct 12, 2023

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MIT license

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sixel-sys: Rust FFI bindings for libsixel

Crates.io License: MIT

The sixel-sys crate provides delcarations and linkage for the libsixel C library. This crate does not provide higher-level abstractions over the libsixel library.


Bindings to libsixel

libsixel is an encoder/decoder implementation for DEC SIXEL graphics

SIXEL is one of image formats for printer and terminal imaging introduced by Digital Equipment Corp. (DEC). Its data scheme is represented as a terminal-friendly escape sequence. So if you want to view a SIXEL image file, all you have to do is "cat" it to your terminal.

For additional information, please check its repo


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