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Simple API for interacting with an embedded Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)

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This library provides a simple API for interacting with an embedded Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).


simular-core = "0.2.4"


  • Both an in-memory database and the ability to fork state from a remote node
  • Snapshot of EVM state for later use
  • Both raw encoding/decoding of function calls as well as alloy SolTypes
  • Lightweight creation of ABI from human-readable syntax


Create and interact with the EVM

  use simular_core::{BaseEvm, generate_random_addresses};
  use alloy_primitives::{Address, U256};

  // Generate some random addresses
  let addresses = generate_random_addresses(2);
  let bob = addresses[0];
  let alice = addresses[1];

  // create the EVM with in-memory database (default)
  let mut evm = BaseEvm::default();
  // create 2 accounts. Bob w/ 2 ether, alice w/ none
  evm.create_account(bob, Some(U256::from(2e18))).unwrap();
  evm.create_account(alice, None).unwrap();

  // check the balances
  assert!(evm.get_balance(bob).unwrap() == U256::from(2e18));
  assert!(evm.get_balance(alice).unwrap() == U256::from(0));

Fork a remote contract

Interacting with a remote contract pulls the state of the remote contract into the local in-memory database for use.

  use simular_core::{BaseEvm, generate_random_addresses, ContractAbi;
  use alloy_primitives::{Address, U256, address};
  let abi = ContractAbi::from_human_readable(vec![
  "function totalSupply() (uint256)"
  // create a fork using the latest block
  let fork_info = CreateFork.latest_block(URL OF JSON-RPC NODE);
  let mut evm = BaseEvm::new(Some(fork_info));

  // remote contract address.
  // using DAI: 0x6B175474E89094C44Da98b954EedeAC495271d0F
  let contract_address = address!("6B175474E89094C44Da98b954EedeAC495271d0F");
  // encode the function call
  let (encoded_total_supply, _, decoder) =
      abi.encode_function("totalSupply", "()").unwrap();

  // call the function on the remote contract
  let output = evm.transact_call(

  // decode the result
  let value = decoder.abi_decode(&output.result)
  println!("total supply: {:?}", value);

See uniswap for an example of using a fork and snapshot to trade a pair on Uniswap. The example includes a snapshot that it loads state from to execute Uniswap trades.

To run the example:

> cargo run --example uniswap

Standing on the shoulders of giants...

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