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This Crate is Deprecated

This is an old implementation crate for Silkenweb that is no longer used.

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A library for building reactive single page web apps.


  • Fine grained reactivity using signals to minimize DOM API calls
  • No VDOM. Calls to the DOM API and your rendering code are minimized using signals.
  • Uses plain Rust syntax rather than a macro DSL
  • Downcasts Js objects for you where the type is known at compile time. For example:
    • input().dom_element() returns a web_sys::HtmlInputElement
    • button().on_click(...) passes your event handler a web_sys::HtmlInputElement and a web_sys::MouseEvent.

Example: A Simple Counter

use silkenweb::{
    elements::{button, div, p},

fn main() {
    let count = Signal::new(0);
    let set_count = count.write();
    let inc = move |_, _| set_count.replace(|&i| i + 1);
    let count_text = count.read().map(|i| format!("{}", i));

    let app = div()

    mount("app", app);

Quick Start

rustup target add wasm32-unknown-unknown
cargo install trunk wasm-pack
cargo install wasm-bindgen-cli --version 0.2.73
cd examples/counter
trunk serve --open



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