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Creates anonymous shared memory file descriptors for IPC on Unix platforms, using memfd/SHM_ANON/shm_open

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0.1.1 Jun 9, 2018
0.1.0 Dec 9, 2017

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This tiny little crate provides a function that creates anonymous shared memory file descriptors for IPC, using the best available platform-specific method:

  • on Linux, if the memfd Cargo feature is enabled for this crate: memfd (requires kernel >= 3.17)
  • on FreeBSD: shm_open(SHM_ANON)
  • otherwise: shm_open with a name, instantly unlinked

memfd and SHM_ANON are actually anonymous from the start, i.e. they don't need access the filesystem at all, so they work well with process sandboxes like Capsicum. (memfd actually uses the provided name, but only for debugging purposes.)

This crate was extracted from ipc-channel.


There's just one function exported from this crate:

fn create_shmem<T: AsRef<CStr>>(name: T, length: usize) -> c_int

Should be easy to figure out :)

The name should start with / and shouldn't be very long (255 characters max).


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