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This library contains different iteration data structures for either iterating or for shifting iteratively forward and backward

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This crate contains useful, generic, commonly needed functionality, data structures, and algorithms for iterating sequentially forward and backward via "shifting". These "shifters" allow for controlled traversal of tree-like data structures in a manner that permits easier detection of fast-failing scenarios, rather than checking collections of items.



  • SegmentPermutationShifter
    • Transforms unpositioned line segments into localized line segments
  • IndexShifter
    • Traverses a tree-like structure of items, indexing over them
  • ScalingSquareBreadthFirstSearchShifter
    • Progressively shifts over all possible depths of the internal tree of integers, only permitting reaching deeper children after first iterating over all permutations of children closer to the root in a square-like pattern
  • ShiftingSquareBreadthFirstSearchShifter
    • Similar to the ScalingSquareBreadthFirstSearchShifter, but the integers are now the items at the respective index
  • HyperGraphClicheShifter
    • Returns the fully connected cliche graphs as they exist in the provided hypergraph, but each stateful node is provided singularly as the shifter is traversed over


  • BinaryDensityIncrementer
    • Returns a collection of boolean values such that each subsequent iteration increases the total number of ones progressively starting from having zero true values to having all true values
  • BinaryValueIncrementer
    • Returns the binary representation of all integers from zero to the provided maximum power of two based on the provided length
  • LimitedIncrementer
    • A wrapper over another incrementer, only permitting a certain number of iterations as provided to the constructor
  • RoundRobinIncrementer
    • A wrapper over other incrementers that traverses around to each incrementer internally, giving each a chance to return a sequence of items
  • ShifterIncrementer
    • A wrapper over a shifter that traverses iteratively in a depth-first search pattern
  • ShiftingCellGroupDependencyIncrementer
    • A rather complex incrementer that compares groups of cell (pixels) to each other, disallowing overlaps (specific and general), and ensuring adjacency between non-wall cell groups and wall cell groups


  • PixelBoardRandomizer
    • When provided a PixelBoard, it randomizes where the pixels (cell groups) are located while avoiding overlap and maintaining adjacency between detected cell groups


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