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shi is a library for crafting interactive shell interfaces in Rust.

shi is built on top of the excellent rustyline. It adds abstractions for supporting commands, parsing them and supporting dynamic autocompletion with zero work.

What's Left

There's a few things here and there that would be nice to do. Most of this is code clean-up and quality of life improvements, rather than features. For example, I only recently learned about the Rust API Guidelines. I'm probably breaking some rules there that are worth fixing.

I'm likely the only person using his crate, so I won't know what other features or changes would be nice to have for people. Feel free to suggest some (or put up a PR).

shi is used in some of my personal projects, which I'll link here when they're ready. Otherwise, it's ready to use, though it is not stable.


This is a pretty simple example. It uses no state, and has only one level of nesting. The actual Rust code for this can be found in ./examples/simple.rs.

use shi::shell::Shell;
use shi::{cmd, parent};

use anyhow::Result;

fn main() -> Result<()> {
    let mut shell = Shell::new("| ");

    shell.register(cmd!("dog", |_, _| { Ok(String::from("woof")) }))?;
        cmd!("panther", |_, _| {
            Ok(String::from("generic panther sound"))
            cmd!("domestic-cat", |_, _| { Ok(String::from("meow")) }),
            cmd!("dangerous-tiger", |_, _| { Ok(String::from("roar")) }),



Here's some output from the above snippet:

| help
Normal commands:
        'dog' - 'dog'
        'felid' - 'felid'
Built-in commands:
        'history' - 'history'
        'exit' - 'exit'
        'helptree' - 'helptree'
        'help' - 'help'
| helptree
Normal commands
├── dog
└── felid
    ├── panther
    └── felinae
        ├── dangerous-tiger
        └── domestic-cat

├── history
├── exit
├── helptree
└── help
| dog
| felid panther
generic panther sound
| felid DNE
Failed to parse fully:

            (spaces trimmed)
         => 'felid DNE'
expected a valid subcommand
instead, got: 'DNE';

Run 'felid help' for more info on the command.

         => expected one of 'felinae' or 'panther'.

Run 'helptree' for more info on the entire command tree.

| felid felinae domestic-cat
| exit


This is my first Rust crate, so I welcome any and all feedback, even from fellow newbies. There is no process for this though. Just open an issue or a PR. 🙂


Docs are hosted at docs.rs/shi.


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