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Daddy's here to support you when commands~

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Daddy's here to support you when running commands~ ❤️

based on and forked from cargo-mommy


Install shell-daddy like you would any other cargo crate~

> cargo install shell-daddy


Run whatever command you would normally~

> dnf update

Error: This command has to be run with superuser privileges (under the root user on most systems).

daddy knows his little girl can do better~ ❤️



Shell setup~ In bash, use export PROMPT_COMMAND="shell-daddy \$?" in your .bashrc. This setup will vary depending on shell.

Daddy will read the following environment variables to make his messages better for you~ ❤️

  • SHELL_DADDYS_LITTLE - what to call you~ (default: "girl")
  • SHELL_DADDYS_PRONOUNS - what pronouns daddy will use for themself~ (default: "his")
  • SHELL_DADDYS_ROLES - what role daddy will have~ (default "daddy")

All of these options can take a / separated list. Daddy will randomly select one of them whenever he talks to you~

For example, the phrase "daddy loves his little girl~ ❤️" is "CARGO_DADDYS_ROLE loves CARGO_DADDYS_PRONOUNS little CARGO_DADDYS_LITTLE~ ❤️"

So if you set CARGO_DADDYS_ROLES="daddy", CARGO_DADDYS_PRONOUNS="his/their", and CARGO_DADDYS_LITTLE="boy/pet/baby" then you might get any of

  • daddy loves their little boy~ ❤️
  • daddy loves his little pet~ ❤️
  • daddy loves their little baby~ ❤️

And so on~ ❤️


~40K SLoC