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The Shadow Drive Desktop App, by GenesysGo

5 unstable releases

0.7.1 May 22, 2023
0.7.0 May 22, 2023
0.6.3 Apr 5, 2023
0.6.2 Mar 15, 2023
0.0.0 Dec 20, 2022

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Shadow Drive (Rust Libraries and Applications)

This repository contains a suite of crates related to Shadow Drive.

Crate Name (location) Description
shadow-drive-sdk (sdk/) Shadow Drive Rust SDK. Create a client within a program and interact with Shadow Drive.
shadow-drive-py (py/) Shadow Drive Python SDK wrapper. Create a client within your program and interact with Shadow Drive.
shadow-drive-cli (cli/) Shadow Drive CLI. Interact with Shadow Drive directly from a terminal.
shadow-drive-app (app/) (SOON) A desktop application! Visualize all storage accouunts, upload files via drag-and-drop, and much more.
shadow-drive-auth (auth/) High level interfaces for connecting to Shadow network RPC clients.

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