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Serde EnCom

Crate API

Made to replace old and loved JSON

EnCom specification

As long as you use standard serialization, and don't use serde_bytes, then the serialization output will be a valid string (utf8, not binary).

If you are using string &str or byte &[u8] slice in your resulting structure, it will not be copied (Zero-copy).

You can try encom_from_json!() macro to convert your own JSON and test it. Resulting EnCom will be sorted alphabetically.


  • Skip Option::None by default, and only if #[serde(serialize_with = "path")] is passed, then serialize None
  • Fix Stream deserializer
  • Fix File deserializer
  • Fix extra space after } in serializer
  • Fix parse exponent in deserializer
  • Change errors

Thanks serde_json and it's contributors for the base code that was used it this project


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