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A Rust crate for working with Apple's .pbxproj format.


Add a dependency on serde-pbx.

serde-pbx = "0.1"


Build up your .pbxproj in code! Each call to add_object returns the ID of the newly-created object, for referencing in downstream steps.

use serde_pbx::{self, PBXProject, PBXObject, build_settings};

let mut project = PBXProject::default();

// let's add a built file to this project
let main_swift = project.add_object(PBXObject::PBXFileReference {
	source_tree: "<group>".to_owned(),
	path: "game/main.swift".to_owned(),
	explicit_file_type: "sourcecode.swift".to_owned(),

let main_swift_build = project.add_object(PBXObject::PBXBuildFile {
	file_ref: main_swift,
	settings: IndexMap::new(),

let source_build = project.add_object(PBXObject::PBXSourcesBuildPhase {
	files: vec![main_swift_build],

// NB: we have to do lots more stuff in between here - .pbxproj files typically aren't small!

// now, let's finalise this with a project

let debug_project_build = project.add_object(PBXObject::XCBuildConfiguration {
	name: "Debug".to_owned(),
	build_settings: build_settings([
		("SDKROOT", "iphoneos"),

let project_build_configuration_list = project.add_object(PBXObject::XCConfigurationList {
	build_configurations: vec![debug_project_build],

let project_id = project.add_object(PBXObject::PBXProject {
	build_configuration_list: project_build_configuration_list,
	targets: vec![target_id],

// and then remember to set the root object too!

let pbx_string = serde_pbx::to_string(&project);
std::fs::write("my_cool_project.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj", pbx_string).expect("failed to write project");


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