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A Tauri Plugin for improved Sentry support.

It's perfectly reasonable to use Sentry's Rust and browser SDKs separately in a Tauri app. However, this plugin passes browser breadcrumbs and events through the Rust backend which has a number of advantages:

  • Browser events are enriched with Rust, OS and device context
    • Events from both Rust and browser will have the same context for filtering
  • Breadcrumbs are merged from both the Rust and browser SDKs
    • See what was happening in the Rust backend and the browser frontend at the time of the event


This example also shows usage of sentry_rust_minidump which allows you to capture minidumps for native crashes from a separate crash reporting process.

Add the required dependencies in Cargo.toml:

sentry-tauri = "0.2"

sentry and sentry-rust-minidump are re-exported by sentry-tauri so you don't need to add them as dependencies.

fn main() {
    let client = sentry_tauri::sentry::init((
        sentry_tauri::sentry::ClientOptions {
            release: sentry_tauri::sentry::release_name!(),

    // Everything before here runs in both app and crash reporter processes
    let _guard = sentry_tauri::minidump::init(&client);
    // Everything after here runs in only the app process

        .expect("error while running tauri app");

The Plugin

  • Injects and initialises @sentry/browser in every web-view
  • Includes beforeSend and beforeBreadcrumb hooks that intercept events and breadcrumbs and passes them to the Rust SDK via the Tauri invoke API
  • Tauri + serde + existing Sentry Rust types = Deserialisation mostly Just Works™️

Example App

Clone this repository and install dependencies:

> yarn install

In examples/basic-app/src-tauri/src/main.rs replace the DSN with your DSN

Run in development mode:

> yarn example


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