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Client library to communicate with Senstate, a debugging dashboard

0.0.1 Oct 16, 2019

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Senstate - Rust client

Rust 🦀 client library to communicate with Senstate, a debugging dashboard.

This library is in very early stages and considered experimental. Therefore it should not be used in any production level applications. Expect this crate's API to change frequently.


Add this to your Cargo.toml:

senstate = "0.0.1"


Currently a few simple examples exist. Please find them in the examples folder or directly run them with cargo run --example <example-name>.

  • simple: This basic sample creates a new client, adds a watcher for each value type and then reports values periodically to Senstate.

  • multithreaded: A sample using multiple threads to report values individually.

  • stresstest: Meant as a stress test to try out the speed of Senstate and the most complex example so far. It can be configured with CLI arguments to try different workloads.


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