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A Rust GitOps/symlinkfarm orchestrator inspired by GNU Stow

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A Rust GitOps/symlinkfarm orchestrator inspired by GNU Stow. Useful for dealing with "dotfiles", and with git support as a first class feature. Configuration is done throug a single yaml file, giving it a paradigm that should bring joy to those that use declarative operating systems and package managers.


Although this isn't really a case where it matters that much for performance, being written in rust instead of e.g. /janky/ scripting languages does also mean it is snappy and reliable, and the /extensive/ (hardly, but eventually) testing helps ensure regressions aren't introduced.

That said, we're in 0.Y.Z, here be dragons for now (although a little less each commit).

** Installation #+begin_src sh $ git clone https://github.com/cafkafk/seidr $ cd seidr $ cargo install --path . #+end_src

** Configuration If you want a template, you can copy the file from src/test/config.yaml: #+begin_src sh $ mkdir -p ~/.config/seidr/ $ cp src/test/config.yaml ~/.config/seidr/config.yaml #+end_src

You should seriously change this file before running any commands.

The configuration format will likely break regularly in versions 0.Y.Z.


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