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Scheme compiler for the Seax VM

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Seax Scheme

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A library for compiling Scheme programs for Seax, a runtime environment for functional programming languages.

This implementation aims to conform with the Revised6 Report on Scheme (R6RS) whenever possible, but may not be a complatible implementation. seax-scheme is released as a library, rather than an executable, so that it may be included in other applications which use Scheme as an embedded language.

Note that since this repository is a library and does not contain the Seax VM, the code in this repository is not sufficient to compile Scheme programs for Seax on its own. The hawkw/seax repository contains the Seax compiler/interpreter command-line application and REPL, which you will probably want if you intend to develop programs targeting Seax.

Please report all issues and feature requests to the main repository (hawkw/seax).