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A Sea Battle game shell client

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0.2.1 Jan 17, 2024
0.2.0 Oct 18, 2022
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Sea battle cli player

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A sea battle shell client player for the sea_battle_backend crate, based on the tui library.

Available play modes

  • 🤖 Play against bot (this mode does not require any Internet connection, a local server is automatically spawn)
  • 🎲 Play against a random player
  • ➕ Create play invite (online). In this mode, the server returns an invitation code to give to the opponent
  • 🎫 Accept play invite (online)

For the 🤖 bot and ➕ create invite modes, game rules can be customized before starting the game.


You can install the backend using the following command:

cargo install sea_battle_cli_player


Simply launch using:


Offline LAN

If you want to run a local server to play offline LAN games, the cli player can also act as the server:

RUST_LOG=info sea_battle_cli_player -s -l

Then all the players must specify the address of this server to use it instead of the default official one:

sea_battle_cli_player -r http://IP_OF_TARGET:7000


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