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Hook your scoop subcommands in your $env:PATH

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0.1.0 May 20, 2022

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Hook your scoop sub-commands in your $env:PATH

Inspired by scoop-search

Scoop sub-commands can be extended by scripts named as scoop-<sub-command>.ps1. By default, scoop.ps1 only searches powershell scripts in libexec and shims folders.

A hook provided by scoop-search can make scoop search sub-command to call scoop-search.exe binary. However, it will not work if you get some other sub-commands in the future.

This tool can dynamicly find all executables named as scoop-<sub-command>.exe in folders listed in the environment variable $env:PATH, and execute them as a sub-command of scoop.

Please open an issue or pull request if it does not work for you.


Add siku bucket and then install with scoop.

scoop bucket add siku https://github.com/amorphobia/siku
scoop install scoop-hook


Invoke the hook from PowerShell or add it to your $PROFILE

Invoke-Expression (&scoop-hook --hook)

Then use any sub-commands by scoop <sub-command>.


AGPL 3.0 or later.

No runtime deps