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A recursive, performant file hash calculator

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0.1.2 May 7, 2024
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Sapphire Hash

A recursive, performant hash calculator written in Rust!

Command-line Tool Graphical User Interface
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Usage (GUI)

Download the app from the releases page, extract it an run it.

Usage (CLI)

Install Rust and Cargo: https://rustup.rs/

Install the app with:

cargo install sapphire-hash

Run with:

sapphire-hash --algorithm <ALGORITHM> <DIRECTORY>


  • DIRECTORY can be either the relative or the full path to the desired directory or file.
  • ALGORITHM is the desired hash algorithm. Only algorithms implemented by OpenSSL are available:
    • md5
    • sha1
    • sha224
    • sha256
    • sha384
    • sha512
    • sha3_224
    • sha3_256
    • sha3_384
    • sha3_512
    • shake128
    • shake256
    • ripemd160
    • sm3

Optionally, you can add an --output <OUTPUT_PATH> to specify the output. End the file in .csv to generate a CSV report.


You may also enable logging by using the RUST_LOG=trace environment variable.

If you want to pipe the results and log results to separate files, you may use:

RUST_LOG=trace sapphire-hash --algorithm ALGORITHM DIRECTORY | tee result.txt 2>/dev/stdout | tee log.txt



  • Rust (https://rustup.rs/)
  • Build Tools:
    • Ubuntu: build-essential
  • OpenSSL:
    • Ubuntu: sudo apt install libssl-dev
    • Windows: Use vcpkg and install by running: vcpkg install openssl
  • Flutter and other native dependencies for GUI development (see flutter_gui/README.md)


Clone the repository.

If you're on Windows you might need to specify the path to OpenSSL using the OPENSSL_DIR environment variable. This is the path that has the lib\ and include\ folders. You can do this by running:

# Windows only

Run cargo build.

Use the app like so:

./target/debug/sapphire-hash --algorithm ALGORITHM DIRECTORY

Building for Production


OPENSSL_STATIC=true cargo build --release

Use the app like so:

./target/release/sapphire-hash --algorithm ALGORITHM DIRECTORY

Running Automated Tests


cargo test

Creating Files for Manual Testing

Use the script for creating random files: scripts/generate_example_files.sh

Check the script code for available options.



RUSTFLAGS=-Dwarnings cargo clippy --all-targets --all-features

GUI Development

Whenever you update the flutter_bridge project, be sure to run the codegen so that the Flutter project picks up the changes. Inside gui_flutter, run:

flutter_rust_bridge_codegen generate

See more about GUI development in flutter_gui/README.md


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